..............and he smiled

As the chubby talker that I am, I walk most times as an easy exercise rather than jogging or skipping.
It was a sunny Afternoon, stressful day I Could not move an inch,the cab queue was discouraging,I might have to wait for @ least 20mins and the journey before me seemed impossible. I had to make  choice -the queue or the squashing sun.With the queue it is ;I could  get to the school gate in comfort I thought.
A wise decision you will agree with me but it was not for long as te queue grew longer by the minute.
I had to think of a plan 'cos time as running out and i was getting tired.
I gently walked to the cab queue wishing with heavy thoughts going through  my mind. I wished i had a car, or i saw someone I knew driving a car and probably he/she would give me a ride. I soon came close to the queue with this huge guy with a familar body odour( familiar yes, the dump site @ ojota)
While in my deep thought of wishes I saw a cab, not on cab line but parked somewhere sha!. In Lagos they say you have to be smart so I gathered all the energy in me and rushed to this cab before anyone saw it.
comfortably I sat in this cab waiting for it to move, Alas the cab man was on the phone, talking to his children i guess but he didn't seem happy. so I took a deep breath and listened( i wasn't eaves dropping)
The cab driver explained to his child(son) over and over again why he couldnt be at his sons  art exhubitiion in a low and sad voice, it seemed he wasnt ready the boy wasnt ready to listen. quite interesting , I adjusted and sat well to hear the gist well. It took the man about 10minutes but i didnt mind as i was enjoying  ihs converstaion with his family. All i cared about was that I was out of the sun and will soon be at the school gate.
Finally his conversation ended , he told his children he loved them and will see them in two weeks. Then he turned to me and said |in a yoruba tone "madam this cab is not moving" WHAT? after 15 mins and nit going back to the queue.
He looked at me and asked can i talk to you. "sure you can if you'll take me to tghe school gate"
we got talking on the  hardship of Lagos(even though i collect allowance and not work) he explained that he had to work 18hrs each day to keep his family going. I felt bad for him and got scared of the outside world. We talked and he finally had a smile on and he didn't collect the fare(big smile) even though I insisted. I got to the school gate and I realised  that I left my phone in the hostel.WTF. how am i ginna get things done, it was a crazy day but i made a cab man smile.
 xoxoxxo thanks for reading.