My first time

It was a beautiful afternoon, I was too happy so I wanted to try it ,for the first time. Seen people do it,it seemed like fun,the music,people, their accent and all. Nollywood might have helped me imagine it as a risky thing to do, I wanted to explore anyway. "Curiosity they say....."
Beautiful Saturday morning I woke up, did the laundry and chores and I patiently waited for the 10:00am as it was the environmental Saturday. Had my bath and said my prayers in the bathroom and imagined what it will be like. Finally, I was ready to set out for my journey home, I was going through public transport. Never gone home in public transport.
Fear gripped my heart as I walked through the street down to the campus shuttle(boarded the shuttle a couple of times), I wasn't scared of the buses in school because they were registered but the buses at the parks,the conductors,the people. To help with my fear, I bought my favourite drink"Zobo" to help calm my nerves.
The bus got filled in no time,"leggo" I thought,there's no turning back. It didn't seem like a busy day,the road was free and we got to Yaba in no time. Wow,that was easy I said to myself. One chance, kidnappers, could be anywhere with their buses, I thought and the I said a mini-last prayer just in case!. Finally a bus to Ketu, people began to run towards the slowly moving bus as the conductor screamed "ketu #100",squeezing into the bus in no time it was full. Wow! Am not rushing I'll rather call a private cab. Then I looked into my purse,#500, no going back,mumsie needed me home soon.
Another bus finally, for #150, people went in reluctantly ,me? I had no problem with the fare(I didn't know the actual bus fare). It took about 20 mins for the bus to get filled but I was there all the same. I sat by the window to sight see the beauty of Lagos, I was scared to use my phone.
If I may,let's describe this "danfo" metallic and wooden sit-that's like murder to the human ass,
Completely metal interior, I sat by the window so I hit my head a couple of times(you know now!)
The door? Show me a danfo with a good door in lagos
It took a while though but we got to ketu, what next you're thinking,the journey just started. Bus to Ogun state. It was memorable but I got home in one piece*big smile* I don't hope to try it soon.