Yoruba wedding: the reception

 Heading to the reception venue,hope I get a seat in front so I can see the couple kiss,dance act romantic and smile at them. I didn't get the couple a gift,they seem too classy for what I can conveniently afford(I know its not a good excuse)
 What? The hall is full?where did all these people, come from? Enough with the questions,let me get a seat,anywhere .people are endlessly greeting each other and asking questions like: how are you,your children,work,neighbours,the pet you got the last time, your last trip to kano?" the questions are endless especially if you haven't seen each other in about 5yrs.
The show begins,finally, the parents dance in,then the couple. The guy is trying his best to remember his dance steps,impress the audience and prove to his bride that he is a better dancer(if I hear) the bride doesn't want to disappoint her friends too. Everyone is happy, smiling although some are hungry and thinking of "item7(food)"
The couple's  family begin to walk back and forth with their shoulders high(I have noticed you,kindly sit)the mc constantly cracks jokes and makes the reception fun, I can't see what's happening in front so am not interested.
The best part: the servers comes to take our orders!! You need to hear this woman "jollof and fried rice,salad,dodo and moi moi the fish and turkey" that's all!. That's all? I thought to myself, what if there was more?
People smiled even more when drinks and food was being served, the woman in front of me had a food warmer already where she kept everything she ordered for and told another server she hadn't eaten! Na wa ooo. A curios man asked her why she kept the first plate and she said"its for my dog" huh?! Dog indeed
The mc then said if you have gifts for the couple bring it out. *takes a deep breathe* cooler,wall clocks,baby daipers , trays unwrapped tho and others wrapped am thinking they have clock in their house nah? Which one is. #150 tray again? Please for my wedding monetary gifts only,thanks.
People then begin to troop like its a free concert featuring Tonto Dikeh(my wedding is STRICTLY by INVITATION). The fun,the music the food,the drinks,the styles are enough entertainment for me. I have eaten and I have to leave soon to avoid traffic,quickly I greet the couple and say my goodbyes. Happy married life,no divorce and no triplets okay?
Thanks for visiting my blog. Have fun this weekend!