My Lagos-Ibadan tale

For someone who sleeps in Ogun state and Works/schools in Lagos ,the Lagos-Ibadan doesn't make this a fun expierence.Traffic in Lagos or anywhere in Nigeria can be regarded as a way of life. From my house to Lagos at a steady speed of 40km/hr should take 25 mins but today I spent 3hrs. Yes 3hrs…

Media tour : day two

Beautiful diary readers,
I seem to be having fun in London. Shout out to my Nigerian Politicians who embezzle money and will not develop my country. There is no where in Lagos or Nigeria like London. After the media  tour/ seminar, we visited a couple of tourism centers  in London but the weather w…

Happy new month

It's a month to my birthday, am so excited. Happy new month to my beautiful readers. It's was fun yesterday, Halloween. I visited a lot of places that I just crashed on my bed.  I will write my birthday wish list  , I hope I get it all.