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The hustle and bustle of Lagos

What makes a me a Lagosian? I live in Ogun state but school, work and was born here, in Lagos. I can practically say I sleep in Ogun state  but wake up in Lagos.
Lagos is the most populated state in Nigeria, it's a business centre where a lot of Nigerians rush in and out to make quick cash. In order to make quick cash, a typical Lagosian has to go through stress. There are different classes of Lagosians and there are: 
The extremely rich: they live in expensive places like the lekki,omole estate, Victoria island, magodo etc. ride really expensive cars, their children go to best schools. 
 The middle class/ hustling Lagosian : they live on the Lagos main land, do not get me wrong here rich people live on the mainland but there is  a large influx of the average Nigerian , they have cars  or rather motor, and their children go to averagely good schools.
The low class or extremely poor: they live in the slums of Lagos or rather the ghetto, they lack the basic needs and amenities such as power supply, good roads, good school and so on. 
No matter your social/ economic class , the hustle and bustle of Lagos is a way of life of a typical Lagosian..
If I begin to break down these facts, it might be too long so in summary these are the things that makes Lagos LAGOS!!!
The traffic:  I believe traffic is natures way of slowing people down.Lagosians are always every where doing on thing or the other. So when your in traffic take a deep breathe and live the moment even under pressure.
Road side snacks:there's absolutely no where in Lagos you can't get " gala and pure water" , puff-puff, Akara and bread.This quick snacks help in refreshing a Lagosian's day and the bring healing to the stomach.
Danfo( commercial yellow buses) : I agree the drivers  can be rough, annoying and rude but Lagos is not complete without these buses. 
Okada(commercial motorcycle ):  okada is the fastest and most flexible means of transport. Okada helps to keep time and is very affordable. 
Loud road side music: in areas like Bariga, Ketu etc music that often constitutes  noise helps remind you that you are in Lagos! 
What makes Lagos or  remind you about Lagos? Please drop comments, would love yo hear from you.


  1. Great post.for me, SUYA reminds me of lagos. Chao

  2. You are totally right.the Suya!! and Barbecue. Amazing stuff.
    Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Interesting information. You could certainly give some guidance for a few tourists. Well done!

  4. Tourist are welcome .thanks for stoping by mingaile.

  5. Lasgidiiiii no place like Lagos. Nice post. Good read.

    Kindly check out/follow my style blog From Head to Heels on Bloglovin' and GFC :-)


  6. Thaanks for stopping by Nkemdilim. I'll check ur blog out n definately ff

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