Make up and Gele by me.

VIDEO | how to survive Nigeria/Africa

Hello dear, Hope you had fun over the Christmas holiday, I certainly did. I spent the holiday with the people that mean the most to me , my family. For me nothing beats a good moment with my family plus our inside jokes just make every moment worth it. I filmed a video titled 10 things I will tell…


I had so much fun taking these pictures. Like I said in my last post, my younger sister( my one and only photographer) is back for the holidays, so more outfit pictures. This dress originally belonged to my mum, how cool is it when you wear the same size with your mum. After sewing it, she did…


I have been looking forward to this weekend all through out the week. It just seemed like longest week this month.  Let me gist you as to how my week has been and also explain why I haven’t blogged. First off, I had my project defense on Wednesday( finally) , When I hear project defense here’s wha…


My first ever attempt, not bad for a learner. Outfit details Top: george Jeans: old Sneaker: forever 21 bag: primark Watch: cartier This post should have been up a long time ago, if you follow me on intagram, you’ll have seen pictures of this look. I have been in love with wedge sneakers for a l…



This post is over due but I had an amazing day I just couldn’t sit to blog about it, time went by so fast but you know me, I will give you the gist leaving no detial. Yesterday Dec 1 was my birthday, I finally turned 20. Go on spill it “you never expected it” me too right, I be small girl nah …


Although its not "a thing" here in Nigeria to celebrate thanksgiving and have the fancy dinner with BIG chicken but I took out time to appreciate the amazing people in my life and I believe often times we should do the same. Like they say "life is too short" If Nigerians were t…


Hi dear,

photo diary | Nature phone shots

LAGOS INTL. TRADE FAIR ( my experience)

When I heard there was a trade fair going on in Lagos, I got really excited , please don't judge it was my first time, as per i'm an ajebutter. I went on Wednesday- my free day with my friend who is a makeup artist. We missed the makeup fair in Lagos so we saw this as a great opportunity .I'm going to take you through every bit of that day....


must have clothing in your wardrobe


Ankara keeps evolving over time and the new trend of the season is the ankara two piece. If you do not have this in your wardrobe/closet yet then today is your lucky day. I have tons of styles, pictures and inspirations for you.


This post is an inspiration from Cassie Davies problem of a tall girl and portia’s problem of a short girl. When I read their posts I could relate to little bits here and there from their posts or should I call it problems. I’m neither tall nor short I think I’m in the middle but I’m definitely fat so I have decided to share the problems of a FAT GIRL.

Just Neutral

People say life is too short but my question is " what is your definition of short?" 

Something different

 "At the end of the day, we are all trying to feel comfortable in any type of size — plus size or not."

Traditional Day

Its a beautiful day to be alive. I do not know why that quote came to my mind, I just thought I should
remind you. I mentioned in my corporate day post that I will be sharing with you my journey as a final year Uni student. Although I haven't been the best at that my apologies but earlier this week was my dept.'s traditional day and it was great.

The do's and dont's of SELFIE

I feel like I always give excuses for not posting on my blog in a while , so I have decided not to bore you with the story of my life and the reason why I have been away for a while. 
I originally planned to record a video and put it up on my youtube channel  but I that might take a while, so lets save some people from horrible selfies.

PHOTO DIARY | Mini moments

"fill your life with many moments and experiences of joy and passion as you humanly can. Start with one  experience and build on it" -Wieder Marcia


Toke Makinwa is one of Nigeria's most prominent media personalities. She's a vlogger, television presenter and radio presenter.

Corporate Day

I had the post saved, scheduled and ready to be published and in a way or the other it disappeared. I was feeling so fly ready for a Monday post and voom its gone anyway Its up now.  
Corporate day is a ritual  an activity done to celebrate final year in the Uni. Its a chain of events which I will be putting up on the blog.

Is blogging worth it?

Is blogging really worth it? I think that's a question a lot of people should think about before getting on the "blogspot/wordpress" world. Often times people think like Linda Ikeji they are gonna make millions in  a year. Its possible all you have to do is believe (amen!!) Here's my point the blogging industry is highly saturated. I have put at least 10 people through the process of creating a blog and blogging and when I ask "why are you creating a blog?" they respond saying " don't you know how much Linda Ikeji earns?"

20 random facts about me + life update

Oh! my dear diary, how much I have missed you but as you know no be my fault, na life do me strong thing. For a moment I thought of writing this post in pidgin English but I'm not so sure some people might understand and read pidgin fluently. Where have I been? well................