Back to school

Just when I began to enjoy my life as a working Lagosian, the strike was called off  and now am back In school. I was staying in school during the strike , the seren environment of school , very fast internet service and easy acces to everything without having to queue made me fall In love with school over and over again.
All that has come to an end *sad face*. Everywhere is full, people going back and forth you can tell from the background, noise here and there plus my exams are starting in two weeks, the pressure is really high.
Looking on the brighter side, this is what I wore to class  and my hair; is the local "shukwu" it's easier to maintain during exams. A simple look and I added the blue shoe for a pop of colour.  I suck at posing for pictures , am trying my best.

Couldn't stop laughing