UNILAG hostel accomodation

All through my life as student of the self acclaimed prestigious University of Lagos, I have never queued and suffered as much as I did for hostel card , I didn't want to write this in  here before but after the stress and "wahala" I still didn't get accommodation.
My monday experience,I woke up freaking early to make it to school by past 6 am. On getting to school, there was a long queue of course I had to join the queue ni.*sighs*  I stood for about 2hrs only for a worker Eco bank ( the authorized bank to sell hostel cards) to say the card sales wont commence until 9 :00 am. YEPA!!!( exclaims) so I have been standing here for nothing. well, the aptient dog eats the fattest bone, I will wait 
To cut the story short, people began to loose their patience and everywhere scattered ,you guys have scattered the line ke. what will I do, I was in front of this unending line.The Dean of student Affairs came in his bid to set things back to orderliness to all the students to move to the sports center for the sales of the cards to commence. I had no choice did I?
On getting to the sports center, wow see Queue abi na crowd. i struggled and struggled squeeze my self through that gate but to no avail anyway i got in with the help of a set of HUGE guys pushed the gate down.
Imagine me goingthrough alll that stress in one day and stiil not get hostel accommodation. *SCREAMING*  DSA!!!!!!!!!!!!! BIKO , PLEASE, EJO , I need this accommodation even if its your boy's quarter. abi?
En route , mountain of Fire, and my prayer point will be " realease my hostel by Fire"
 Enough with my boring story , how are you guys doing? drop comments and lets gist.