I see girls on natural hair everywhere. Its a new session and a lot of girls are beginning to embrace their natural hair. Although I don't want to admit its a trend that will soon pass away but while can lets have fun.
Bantu hair knots or twist outs hairstyle is very easy and can be done on natural hair and relaxed hair. The curls/ waves make the hair look flawless.
I haven't seen girls on this yet so be the first to know or rather the first to rock this style.
Its so easy , convenient and you can do it all by yourself.
Check out this tutorial on wiki how

Here's favourite tutorial on bantu knots, I love her hair colour looking forward to doing this too.

Feel free to share pictures and results with fellow readers via the facebook page and pleasedrop comments.


  1. I love Bantu knots, and although I got to know what they were called like last year, I have been doing a replica since secondary sch. I would take out my weaves after sch on friday and wont comb it out, rather, I would make a part on the side or middle and rock till sunday.

    However, I will try it again using this method and put a post about it on my blog. Will do well to make a reference to this post when I do. Love that her hair is tinted/ dyed, really beautiful

    1. I did the same when I had long hair. Thanks for visiting Adeola.looing foward to your post

  2. This is a beautiful post; thanks so much for sharing...

  3. *sigh* I can't wait for my hair to reach that stage,right now it's..*coughs*..not very long.

    1. In due time Lhurve lol. Thanks fow visiting.


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