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Happy weekend family.....
Sorry for the mini-break, I have been really busy with school work. The public holiday was really was needed, I took the day off to relax indoors.

The jazz concert

I just love this picture.
Happy new week......
How did the weekend go, hope you relaxed and had fun at the same time?

Danfo: Moral lessons.

Living in Lagos is not complete without the Danfo experience.
Danfo buses are painted  yellow buses with black stripe . The danfo mode of transportation is the fastest and most accessible form of transportation in Lagos. Although these buses are not comfortable but are readily available everywhere…

D.I.Y :Phone Pouch

I'm so excited to be putting up a D.I.Y on the blog.Its very simple and easy to do. Have fun trying it out
Things you'll need.

The beginning of the end

Happy new week beautiful people, it's Sunday a day set aside for relaxing and going  church. I have decided to take this time to count my blessings and show my appreciation.
First, I'll love to appreciate God for my life, family, friends and my  big blog family(you guys rock)
The beginning…


My love for golden highlights in my hair is second to none. Although I'll love to try other colours but for now let me enjoy my addiction (lol) I made my first order off  a Nigerian online store(yippie). Ever since addiction to online shoopping I haven't tried anything from Nigeiran stores…

Leibster award again!!!!!


It is no news that 234 girls were abducted and it is has been a topic of disscussion everywhere. Although w eall know there's a loop hole in the security of this country as a people we  are willing to ignore this and plead that these girls be returned to thier families. A lot of celebrities and …

The Unilag Undergraduate 1

“Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet.” ― Aristotle In 2010, I gained admission into the one of the best universities in Nigeria or rather the self-acclaimed "only and best university in Nigeria" immediately after secondary school, I'm lucky I guess.   As an undergraduate,fr…

Wardrobe essentials for men.

Hello Fam,happy  new week, Its another Monday ,time for marathon classes, assignments and project writing, what can I do? that's the life of a final year student. Here a list compiled by your one and only Oluwadamilola(me) on wardrobe essentials for guys.This list comprises of items i think ev…

Owanbe fashion: Brenda(canneverbeaskinnybish)

T.G.I.F,Happy new month . Brenda is my favourite fashion blogger in the whole_wide_world(big smile)although she's a Toronto based blogger, she rocks the African ankara fabric really well.I totally love her ankara styles and I see myself in them. Enjoy the pictures.....check out her blog here