The beginning of the end

Happy new week beautiful people, it's Sunday a day set aside for relaxing and going  church. I have decided to take this time to count my blessings and show my appreciation.
First, I'll love to appreciate God for my life, family, friends and my  big blog family(you guys rock)
The beginning of the end, what does that even mean? Well ,  It's the first semester of my final year in the University, its the final lap  although it seemed like yesterday. It's amazing how fast time goes by. Now I wake up everyday thinking about final year project and my exam that's coming up in a month (ko easy). "There is God"
Beyond the comic relief of the first lady's"there is God" speech , I'll love say  you should always remember that God really does exist and created you, knows you and can provide solution to ALL your problems and always give thanks no matter the time,place your religion or tribe(there ain't no restrictions)
Fun posts coming up this week, do check in.

Have a wonderful week
With love,