The Unilag Undergraduate 1

“Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet.” ― Aristotle
In 2010, I gained admission into the one of the best universities in Nigeria or rather the self-acclaimed "only and best university in Nigeria" immediately after secondary school, I'm lucky I guess. 
 As an undergraduate,fresh from an Anglican  boarding school in Ijebu,Ogunstate,  I had absolutely no idea of what was going on in this new environment. I had heard about UNILAG a lot, the endless parties, extremely hot and fashionable babes,cultist e.t.c. My friends and I had planned how we were going to maintain a healthy lifestyle, move from library to class every day 'cos according to what we were told lecturers   never  come to class at all.
Unfortunately only 2 of us gained admission that year into the university of Lagos, others gained admission into other universities especially private universities 'cos it easier but expensive.
Being a student of Unilag gives one an identity, often times when I tell people I'm a unilag student, they smile and give me a look. They are either happy that I attend a prestigious school or that I'm wayward and a party freak.On the other hand I'm more of an introvert, I love my house and I'll rather spend my weekend with my family.
As a "fresher" I had a look, a tag written on my forehead "help I'm new and lost" but with the course I'm studying and my extremely crazy and fun course mates I blended in easily. As a fresher, churches/fellowships ,depts, faculties, clubs,banks etc had events  especially parties  lined up with the aim of introducing you to the system.These events were very attractive, they seem to take up the whole of first semester and if you are the party type you'll loose your focus easily.
to be continued...............................