Hair Talk: Braided Mohawk

Haappy new week ,
How was the weekend, mine was too short and Monday's here.
I have received positive remarks about my hair( Big smile). I have been on my natural hair for about 4 months I just believe a braided mohawk is the right change I need. Instead of the normal expression attachment, I decided to use kinky 'cos the older it gets the cooler it looks( my observation). If you are a full blooded yoruba girl like me, you'll know this style is simply "patewo and base" with a fine name(lol...)
 I love the edgy look it gives and its affordable and  easy to maintain. Also the hair can be styled and restyled giving you a different look. Over to the pictures..........
Before I run off...... I might take a lil break off the blog 'cos of my exams. Make una no vex, I'll definitely make up for it with fun posts later on.


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