Hair talk: maintaining curls

Monday, June 02, 2014

Happy new month............
if you follow me on instagram you'll have seen this look. For about two months, this has been my salvation hairstyle. On the average, I spend less than #1,000($6) a month on my hair. HOW!!!!
Its simple, I wash and set my a once in two weeks at only #400 and I maintain it all through. 
Here are some of my tips......

  1. know your hair type: my hair is very coarse and this helps in the retention of the curls .
  2. Use the right hair products: I use only hair products that are made specially for my hair type.Talk to your hair dresser or a hairstylist to help you out with this. You can also try out Shea radiance they have hair products for all hair types.
  3. Watch your sleeping positions: this can be a big problem for people who have weird sleeping positions. Although I know you cant monitor your hair when you sleep but be a little careful ,you don't want to wake up to a frizzy looking hair.
  4. Style everyday as required: Often times I just a just the curls and spray.
  5. Try new style.

Thanks for reading......
Have a blessed month.

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