The Megabyte counter.

Don't blame me when I get excited over a "free wi-fi" , its not a luxury i'm used to.
Shebi na here i dey jeje mi wey everyone begin dey shout android!!!! (pardon my pidgin english, this is a matter of the heart) I was comfortable with my blackberry and my ipad but then the android craze came in and I began counting data. As a blogger, a media person I have to be up to date with news,trends and happenings around the world I had all these with my blackberry and I never cared about how much megabytes I was using daily, weekly or monthly or even for my lifetime.
I have patronised all the network providers in Nigeria even starcomms yes starcomms in search of an affordable and fast data plan.I hope I'm not the only blogger thinking of this, then if I am I don carry last ooooo, Naija bloggers whats the trick?
The last time I was in London, there was wi-fi everywhere, on the bus, in the hotel at resturants and its free, this is something an average londpner is used to that it has become a right here its a priviledge, Na God go save us. 
My next employer must give me access to unlimited wi-fi  if not, abeg hold your job(lol). 
On a lighter mood,my lecturer free week has ended (sad face) back to classes and test. It is well. 

Fellow NIGERIAN bloggers, share your internet secrets with me ooooo...
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  1. lol... pele na u want Android na. Blackberry is so good when it comes to this ish. But what can you do, u have to keep counting. Thinking of getting an Android soon... but my blackberry go still dey oh. I make use of Mobitel and it's really good and fast.Check their site here

    1. Thanks Elizabeth, will visit their site. Hope I wont have to count again

  2. Lol some of us are lucky to use office Wifi. Shee.... don't tell my boss

  3. Lol some of us are lucky to use office Wifi. Shee.... don't tell my boss

  4. lucky you Butti, don't worry,I won't tell


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