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Its convocation week in my school and its also lecture free week,(yay!!!). I think the best news for a student can ever hear is lecture free week, convocation party and plenty food. So far so good its been fun but my exams are coming up this month which means minimal fun and more reading.
I literarily live in a shopping mall. Yes a shopping mall. When its evening time authorized people come in the hostel to sell virtually everything ranging from underwear to perfumes shoes to dresses to jewelry and the list goes on and on. You can change your wardrobe right there in your bedroom on your bed.

Recently, particular seller has caught my fancy, Iya Jerry, the shoe seller. This woman has the best set of vintage shoes ever ranging from brogues (my new obsession)to pumps. Now she hasn’t paid for advert but her shoes are nice. I see a lot of girls trying these shoes on with confusion written all over their faces. I look forwards to getting some shoes from her so I had to look into some of the factors I’m about to share with you so you don’t just pick a shoe but you pick the right and perfect heels for you.
Know what you want: this is key in buying any item, before you pick off any shoe from a rack ask yourself reasons why you need to have that shoe.
Pick your style: different shoes depict different styles, personality and occasions. When picking a shoe put in consideration the look you are trying to achieve, the occasion and the outfits you’ll combine it with.
Try the shoes on: no matter how tight scheduled you are, try the shoes to ensure its your perfect size.
Walk around: the good thing about shopping in my room is I try everything on. Walk around to make sure the shoes are very comfortable.
Matching your shoes with an item in your wardrobe: a lot of ladies love being matchy even if it’s just a little. So try matching your shoes with accessories in your wardrobe.
Practice! Practice!! Practice!!! : if you aren’t a pro in wearing heels, abeg practice and practice make you no break teeth for public.

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  1. Wish I could have everything at my finger tips but lagos the hustle.
    Helpful tips

    1. Lagod go better Anon. I think u shld try shopping online.

  2. Useful tips dear.. Thanks for sharing

  3. Nice tips. Lucky you, practically living in a shopping mall. I wish we had it easy over here.


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