DIARY| blog update

Dear diary,its been a while I posted on my blog. I try, I do but there's so much to do within 24hours.
I got this blogging app on my mobile phone and my ipad but my first challenge is service provider.
Before I was using on awuf data plan 4.5 gb for #2,500 and oju kokoro do me I decided to tr…

OOTD| casual Malibu

sunflower blog awards

BEAUTY | uses of coconut oil


OWANBE | ankara jumpsuits

Bloggers choice| white out

STYLE ICON| Uti Nwachukwu

OOTD| all smiles

The ear: the right care

July in-view

Happy new month...... sorry its coming late.
Currently writing my examinations, so far so good its been great(thank God) but some of my papers have been postponed till 2weeks time and I can't go off my blog for 3weeks.
I'm gonna be bringing back some segments of the blog and also adding new…