DIARY| bank alerts and shopping

Online shopping( clears throat) please take your cup of tea or if you are like me and  you do not like tea then grab a bottle of zobo or soft drink as I will be talking about online shopping, bank alerts and how I survive. The convenience of online shopping will not only run some people down but it will make them bankrupt.

Easy fights to avoid in a relationship

 Fights in relationships seem in inevitable especially if there is a nagging partner. Your ability to discern common or rather simple fights before they occur will keep you one step ahead and help you save whats left of your relationship. In this article are some common reasons for fights in relationships and how to shun or prevent them from destroying you and your relationship.
  1. Money:in relationships a lady wants a man who can provide and who basically has a bright future while a man on the other hand wants an independent woman. The question at the end of the day is "how much to you contribute our relationship"

My Blogging process

This is originally not the post I decided to share today but I came across something very similar on Brenda's blog and Cassie's blog so here I am with my blogging process.

REVIEW | X-pression multi

This hair made me the most famous girl in class last week. The question I had to answer all through the week was "Damie what hair is this?" My facial expression and reaction to this question often times sarcastic 'cos them no ask me last week when I do kiko.

OOTD| denim on denim

"NO-one can find inner peace except by working,not in a self centered way but for the whole human family"
I hope to do a full post on finding inner peace and staying happy soon but just to let you know I'm feeling like a whole new creature( I mean human). I have realized that the new me is more adventurous, happy and daring ( in a good way though)
The is actually what I'm wearing now, I decided to take pictures for a post since my lecturer was not  punctual( I hope he doesn't read this because if he does,  nah carry over be that) .