Traditional Day

Its a beautiful day to be alive. I do not know why that quote came to my mind, I just thought I should
remind you. I mentioned in my corporate day post that I will be sharing with you my journey as a final year Uni student. Although I haven't been the best at that my apologies but earlier this week was my dept.'s traditional day and it was great.

The do's and dont's of SELFIE

I feel like I always give excuses for not posting on my blog in a while , so I have decided not to bore you with the story of my life and the reason why I have been away for a while. 
I originally planned to record a video and put it up on my youtube channel  but I that might take a while, so lets save some people from horrible selfies.

PHOTO DIARY | Mini moments

"fill your life with many moments and experiences of joy and passion as you humanly can. Start with one  experience and build on it" -Wieder Marcia


Toke Makinwa is one of Nigeria's most prominent media personalities. She's a vlogger, television presenter and radio presenter.

Corporate Day

I had the post saved, scheduled and ready to be published and in a way or the other it disappeared. I was feeling so fly ready for a Monday post and voom its gone anyway Its up now.  
Corporate day is a ritual  an activity done to celebrate final year in the Uni. Its a chain of events which I will be putting up on the blog.

Is blogging worth it?

Is blogging really worth it? I think that's a question a lot of people should think about before getting on the "blogspot/wordpress" world. Often times people think like Linda Ikeji they are gonna make millions in  a year. Its possible all you have to do is believe (amen!!) Here's my point the blogging industry is highly saturated. I have put at least 10 people through the process of creating a blog and blogging and when I ask "why are you creating a blog?" they respond saying " don't you know how much Linda Ikeji earns?"

20 random facts about me + life update

Oh! my dear diary, how much I have missed you but as you know no be my fault, na life do me strong thing. For a moment I thought of writing this post in pidgin English but I'm not so sure some people might understand and read pidgin fluently. Where have I been? well................