Is blogging worth it?

Is blogging really worth it? I think that's a question a lot of people should think about before getting on the "blogspot/wordpress" world. Often times people think like Linda Ikeji they are gonna make millions in  a year. Its possible all you have to do is believe (amen!!) Here's my point the blogging industry is highly saturated. I have put at least 10 people through the process of creating a blog and blogging and when I ask "why are you creating a blog?" they respond saying " don't you know how much Linda Ikeji earns?"

Blogging is something that should come as a passion first and monetizing your content can come along. I remember my first post check it out here I had no idea what I was doing all I wanted was a space to share my thoughts,ideas, observations and over the years my blog has gone through stages and series of changes. I have learnt a lot over the years and I keep learning. Blogging for me is an online journal and to know that I have a little community checking on me every week is simply amazing.
I just got back to blogging after two weeks of being away, Its the first time since I started blogging and that is what led to the post is blogging worth it? Yes for me blogging is worth it, It might not be the huge source of income that gets me a car or a mansion now but its a community of friends that I love.
Before you create a blog, think through the reasons why you want to create a blog and if you already have a blog how far have you come with the aims of your blog.
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  1. Starting a blog with making money the only thing on ur mind is the biggest mistake one can ever make
    It took Linda 6years to get to where she is, she must av had times when she almost gave up. But she knew what she wanted so she held on.
    I started my blog outta boredom n also to express my love for fashion.
    I don't regret it ever. And the passion keeps me going. That's what matters.

    1. Portia, I have come to realise that bloggers who start b logging out of passion, are always excited about the process and keep on doing it even when there's no money
      Thanks for visiting Portia.

  2. Trust me Hun it's hard to keep it going but you should have a driving force to stay relevant in d blogmosphere. Most people just want to be rich doing it. I have received so many emails on how to make money with my blog and all but I hope they know that somtimes you don't get the money you want or hope for

  3. Very true right up, bloging. Has to do with passion.

  4. Hey, Just discovered your blog and find it very interesting!!

    I just started a blog and was wondering how you make the subheadings at the top of your page. The D.I.Y, Youtube headings. How do you create different pages on blogspot.
    I'd be really grateful if you could let me know!!

    also if you get some free time feel free to check out my blog:

  5. I will be happy to explain the who process to you dear. Now that you have asked, I'm will make a full post on the process and once it's up send you a mail.

    Thanks for visiting Dear.


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