PHOTO DIARY | Mini moments

"fill your life with many moments and experiences of joy and passion as you humanly can. Start with one  experience and build on it" -Wieder Marcia

Often times we say life is too short, my question is how short? People wish to grow old, see their grand children etc what then happens if they never grow old to see to see their grand children. Its not how far but how well. I believe that every moment we get to live is a privileged and an opportunity to be a better person and make good memories of the moment.
This collage was from a wedding I attended with my friends .  You know how Naija weddings can be too many people so decided to enjoy ourselves by taking endless picture.When  I hang out with my friends, we either end up gisting and laughing or taking endless pictures. There
Make every  moment count, be grateful for the life you have no matter how big or small 'cos in the end, memories is what others will have of you.

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