The do's and dont's of SELFIE

I feel like I always give excuses for not posting on my blog in a while , so I have decided not to bore you with the story of my life and the reason why I have been away for a while. 
I originally planned to record a video and put it up on my youtube channel  but I that might take a while, so lets save some people from horrible selfies.
Selfies have taken  over social media especially instagram , in a school like mine selfies are inevitable. people take selfies in the weirdest places, times and situation e,g in danfo buses, toilets, funerals etc. Quick confession, the first time I entered a BRT( covers eye) I took a selfie several selfies and I even captioned it. I'm sure just like me you have those pictures that you will look back at and shake your head.
  • Never take a selfie while driving :  seriously , why would you want take a selfie while driving? is it so the motion can be captured in the picture? wait till you park your car so we can see you in the drivers seat with your seat belt.
  • Check your background: its all types of wrong to take a selfie with a huge dump site in the background or a naked colleague in the background. The worst is when you dey form sey u dey jand and you take a selfie in eko hotels toilet( i laff your generation)
  • Never take selfies at a funeral:  a good example of this is the selfie  president Obama took at Mandela's funeral, if it was right there would have been no criticisms as to the picture. Its rude to take selfies for instagram  when people are mourning the dead.
  • Not everyone wants to be in your selfie:  Often times people take random selfies with people in the background. Its polite for you to ask someone to excuse you from the back or you move to another location for a good selfie.Some people find it offensive to find their pictures online without permission.
  • Find a good light and the right exposure: even though its just a picture,you need to put in mind lighting and other photography tricks. It goes a long way, you do not want to look like you bleached your skin due to over exposure.
  • Check yourself before you post that picture: not all selfies need to go online. Before you put up a picture check that its ok. Take a look at this picture of ice prince ,his hands look like he his bleaching right? but he blames this on the filter he choose.

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