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 "At the end of the day, we are all trying to feel comfortable in any type of size — plus size or not."

 Apparently people try to fit into the world's mentality of what they should look like. People tend to go through different things like surgery,drastic weight loss etc just to please others visual but in the long run you are still the same person on the inside.This isn't a sermon its just me reaching out to a lady/guy that "its good to be different,its good to stand out" others might think its a bad thing but you have been created in that amazing body(fat,thin,short tall etc) for a reason.I intend to share my depression story that led to thoughts of suicide which I overcame thanks to God and my amazing parents.
Over to the post of the day
Recently, black has been my colour of comfort, I do not understand why but I feel comfortable in black. The first time I tried black on black everyone kept asking if I was mourning someone "haba!! how can that be the first  thing you think off?" Nigerian mentality who are we to blame.
Lately, ladies have been rocking black lipsticks but I decided to go with dark brown instead. I roommates disagreed with this look so I decided to go nude. 
I bring this matter before my beautiful readers "would you rock a dark brown or black lipstick?
Which look is your fav. Nude or brown?

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  1. I'd go with dark brown, black is a little bit over the top for me.

  2. I think dark brown

  3. I love your nude lipstick Damie,where can I get it

  4. We're namesakes! lol..I'd rock a dark brown lipstick! especially in this season. You look gorgeous.

  5. I think the nude looks better on you. Maybe its because the brown wasn't layered enough? Idk. But I prefer brown anytime.


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