IMG_00003949IMG_00003958IMG_00003957IMG_00003948IMG_00003996IMG_00003992This post is over due but I had an amazing day I just couldn’t sit to blog about it, time went by so fast but you know me, I will give you the gist leaving no detial.
Yesterday Dec 1 was my birthday, I finally turned 20. Go on spill it “you never expected it” me too right, I be small girl nah . Although I didn’t have a huge party and I didn’t get to twerk and drink I had a blast. Practically everyone around me made me feel like
a princessEgyptian Goddess
I do not know what it will feel like on my wedding day but I just went around blushing like I had won a million bucks. The messages, the love from very old friends, random people in school whom before my birthday have never talked to just blew my mind away.
Highlights of my birthday
  • My best friend Yemi  from Belarus called me at exactly 12:00, he’s just the sweetest.
  • I received lots and lots of messages from very old friends and new ones
  • I attended a seminar. I know it seems random but it was quite enlightening.  I spent more time at my there.
  • A couple of old friends came over to my school .
  • I met some of mt ‘then’ anonymous social media friends
  • My friend Sola did the best at organizing the best ‘mini’ get together. With a relatively low budget I had a blast
For me, its the love , the moment and the though behind every action that counts. Thank you to everyone who made my day.
Like I said, I was at a seminar all day, I barely had time for pictures but I kept my look simple and chick with a black dress and a pair of black cut-out sandals. I’ll probably do a full post on that but here are some pictures.
Like I said I attended a seminar, that’s probably the reason why I do not have so many pictures to showcase.