I have been looking forward to this weekend all through out the week. It just seemed like longest week this month.  Let me gist you as to how my week has been and also explain why I haven’t blogged.
First off, I had my project defense on Wednesday( finally) , When I hear project defense here’s what I imagine, all my lecturers staring at me more like boring into my entire body with their eyes or gaze waiting for me to say something wrong or stammer and they begin to ask me multiple questions. For some reason I took a handkerchief into a fully air conditioned conference room ‘cos I thought I will sweat. I was surprised and exactly the opposite is what happened to me, no questions, sit and read what you have done. So here’s the testimony, my project defense was great, don’t worry I’ll invite you for my convocation.
I don’t know if you realized the difference in my picture quality, my camera decided to go on strike for a while. I thought it had spoilt , I went to fix it , it was returned working because it was working. Na so my camera turn me to liar, but its back from its leave which means better picture quality plus my camera tripod was finally delivered after a long time.
I have a video coming up next week, I’m so excited, expect lots of videos as I’ll be starting 2015 with a video series so stick around.
Finally about the food on this post, my younger sister ( she takes my outfit pictures) finally came back from boarding school. I don miss her like kilode so I decided to make her a special meal. This is concoction rice turned fried rice. This is what you get when I miss you, I special meal from me (winks). I’m so glad she liked it.
This gist is getting too long oooooo, I’m have an amazing D.I.Y coming up tomorrow so please check the blog out tomorrow. Finally ( I promise) my blog is turning 2 on Sunday 21st , I have a surprise…………