This is a question I always shy away from ‘cos for me my greatest fear is something that cannot be controlled. Most people say their greatest fear is failure, for me failure isn’t a fear it is something that you can control. Like they say ” if you fail to plan then you plan to fail” I believe one can bring failure upon himself/herself.
My greatest fear is loosing a close relation/family/ friend or colleague. I never want to go through the trauma of reflecting on life,moments, times with the person.
Over the weekend, I lost two family members, quite sad though. It was recorded on Linda ikeji’s blog, the punch newspaper and the nation newspaper. You are probably wondering why yeah?! That’s because they were killed by a drunk driver on Saturday morning read the full story on the punch’s website.
Having to deal with my greatest fear i.e loosing someone wasn’t easy but life goes on be have to thank God for all that comes and goes.
On the brighter side, my aunt ( the pregnant woman) has successfully delivered a baby girl but she has a broken leg which is being taken care of.
Burial rites and plans are being made and that is what my week has been made of running errands and taking car of things.
What is your greatest fear and how do you deal with it?!