I'm sure there are days you just do not feel like going through the process of makeup , hair and all that but you still need to look chic, and effortlessly beautiful. Lately I have been feeling that way.
Lately, I have been having those days plus for me my make up takes nothing less than 15mins on an average and there are days that just 15mins is luxury and the question now is what do you do on days like this. I have some tips that I use and I hope you find them helpful.
Wear your most comfortable clothing : for me a short ,slouchy chiffon dress is bad in situations like this. It's just easy to slip into and breeze just comes in from all angles of the dress. 
In the mornings when I have a lot to do at home and I also have to drop of my sister at ther school before 8:00 am, I gladly slip out of my pajamas and into a chiffon dress. 
Asides this being comfortable , i believe that once you are comfortable In what ever you are wearing , you will be more confident in your self. 
Mosturise your skin and make it glow: even though it's your lazy day , you shouldn't go around looking sick or tired or old because your skin is dry. Give your self a little glow and shine cos it's only your lazy day and not the worlds lazy day.
Wear your fav. Lipstick and mascara/eyeliner : we are assuming you are going for the no makeup look but a good mascara/ pops up the eyes and prevents it from looking dull. An alternative to lipstick will be a good lip gloss to add moisture to the lips and keep the attention to your face.
Wrap up your hair/weave : I personally have joined the 'wig nation' I have been wearing wigs since last year so I do not have an issue with this I can take it of anytime but if you have weaves in or braids and you do not have time to comb,detangle, straighten or curl as the case may be, get a scarf and wrap it up. Viola!
Get a pair of sandals/slippers: wearing a pair of high heels on a lazy day is like putting icing on eba. Really! On days like this you want to feel super comfortable so a pair of slippers and sandals will do for now. Thank you.


  1. This is honestly on point. Moisturizing, quick lipstick and mascara look make all the difference. To be honest, that's basically my make up routine. The head wrap makes things real easy. I love this post, very helpful.


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