If you missed out on the gist, let me fill you in. My convocation ceremony was yesterday, so I officially have a degree. Today, I'm going to be sharing with you how a tele novella  yes a tele novella influenced my career choice
I do not know if you are familiar with tele novellas but there was…


Hello there...... I'm Damie Alabi by name not "damiesdiary" thank you! The "Damie" in Damie's Diary is my name and Diary is a regular word just like journal.
I know right, this is awkward but I guess I'm tired of people addressing me as damiesdiary... in my mind I&#…

OOTD| work in prints and colours

Ever since I left uni, I have come to realize that some things I did back in uni or struggled for were absolutely not worth my sweat. 

In a school like Unilag, there are the extremely rich and fashionable ladies who in my opinion always dressed like they were going for a party or a form of competition.


Lagos is an amazing city to live - the food,culture ,music,fashion and lifestyle in general is second to none. A lot of people love to brag about how they were born in Lagos,how they know Lagos but Lagos is an evolving city and this has led to the new youtube series I have started- THE LAGOS GUIDE.

DEAR DIARY| before my neighbours kill me

Let me establish a fact - I'm an 'ajebutter' by all standard -birth,lifestyle, food etc ( no i'm not, but I can give myself a little hope, can't I?!)I was born and bred a very 'tush' estate in Lagos. This is what formed me into the introvert that I am, although I am com…

OOTD| curvy and chic


When I hear people talk about how much money they spend on aso-ebi and the whole preparation for someone's event,I wonder "is it worth it?"

Personally, I believe asoebi is for a certain set of people i.e family of the celebrant. I can't deny that when everyone is dressed in a par…

DEAR DIARY| I Can't walk

Ladies ehn!, we can form when it's not necessary. The way we form is as though whole world is staring at us and on the contrary we are just being  self conscious.
Oops! Where are my manners? Happy Easter, hope you are having an amazing holiday. I bet this is the longest weekend you have had t…

PHOTO DIARY| phone shots

The sun made this shot come out nice, love the depth of field and colour separation
I'm obsessed with nature photography and my phone always comes in handy when I find a good shot.