PHOTO DIARY| phone shots

The sun made this shot come out nice, love the depth of field and colour separation
I'm obsessed with nature photography and my phone always comes in handy when I find a good shot.

I had done one of these (i.e) share nature shots when I was in uni. All of these pictures I just took with my phone (blackberry z10) and have not retouched or edited them.
This fly decided to strike several poses for me... 

This tree extends from my neighbours compound , to create a form of shade.... see the sun peeping through

Guess who decided to come say 'hello'

All of these pictures were taken from the comfort of my home.
The beauty of life and the love of God is all around us , we just need to take a moment and observe.
Have a wonderful and fun filled Easter celebration


  1. Very nice! Have considered taking up photography as a hobby?

  2. lovely post :) Happy Easter, have a nice day :)


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