DEAR DIARY| hausa men want me

Dear diary, as I write this i'm on a long road trip to jos, plateau state. I'm I scared? No i'm just indifferent 'cos I do not know what to expect.
As a child I was fair, smart, chubby and very pretty. My mom said people always wanted to carry me, play with me and joke about their son marrying me. I guess this happened to a lot to beautiful children.
Then Nigeria came in, weather, power supply -life in general and decided to take my freshness away.
You can't deny I still have a hint of beauty but I can it really wasn't like when I was a child, you know what they say.... people grow and people change.
Enough of past glory, what have I been doing? How many suitors have I had? Do people still want their sons to marry me? I'm I still flawless and beautiful?
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, I leave you to answer the questions.
You remember my diary input 'please can I fall in love?' I talked about my quest in search of true love.
My mum reads my blog( she's cool with it though) she read the post and asked me 'Damie, where are your suitors?, I'm sure there must be a list of guys asking you out! ' I replied saying ' there are suitors , I just do not want to start something without a vision in Sight'
We then sat down and went through the guys asking me out, carefully selecting using different criteria. I have mentioned this in the past that if you are asking me out or you have ever or we have ever dated, my mum knows you. We roll like that, she's my friend,padi and we can call her my partner.
When the list was drawn,the first thing we realized was that more hausa men want me. That sounds scary, but it's the truth. My mum speaks hausa fluently and when ever we are together doing our thing (chilling or hanging out) hausa men would speak to her in their language telling her that they would not mind having me as a wife. My mum leads on the conversation just for her fun only to tell them they can't have me for a wife but this is beginning to get scary.
I love the glamour and mix of culture that goes into a hausa wedding. I won't mind a hausa wedding but as a typical Yoruba babe, #owanbe all the way.
Still on my way to jos.
Although Jos isn't in the far north but it is in the north, so I'm going to take my chances, explore life, see another side to Nigeria. I might just find a husband, who knows?
I hope you come on this journey to jos with me.
My trip to jos is about 14hrs, so fill me in and gist me, how did your weekend go?


  1. Lol.. So you're going to the north to look for husband abi.. Oshey.. Btw I'm scared of girls who tell their mothers everything ..

  2. Lovely read... You shaa must prepare for wherever the wind of love blows you

  3. My dear!!!! You are not alone oh! I tell my mom everything too...then we begin to disect the guys one by one...and she has been of great help...Ladies should realise that having a mum as a bestie is one of the best things that can happen to you...they sure do know better...was just googling my name then I came across your diary, keep it up honey! My namesake you rock :)


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