DEAR DIARY| hello Jos!!

This week's diary post came in a little late. If you didn't know, dear diary post comes up every Monday just after midnight. It's tuesday me I have a good excuse and enough gists. Over to the gist of the moment, I finally moved to Jos( yay!...). Like I mentioned in pre…

THROWBACK| Polka dot blazer

DEAR DIARY| My depression story

Life often times is not as perfect as it seem for most people- we laugh, smile, put on our best clothes , have our faces made up by professional MUA like everything is perfect but in reality we  have minute/big things we are battling with as individuals.


DEAR DIARY| I'm not lucky I'm blessed

I have only been away for a few weeks and it feels like a few months. Staying  away from my family is not something I'm used to.
I'm home now!!, happy.
As you already know, I was at the NYSC orientation camp for three weeks after which I was in Plateau's capital-Jos for two weeks. Dur…