DEAR DIARY| hello Jos!!

This week's diary post came in a little late. If you didn't know, dear diary post comes up every Monday just after midnight. It's tuesday me I have a good excuse and enough gists.
Over to the gist of the moment, I finally moved to Jos( yay!...). Like I mentioned in previous posts that I'm going to be here in Jos for a year. I'm serving my country as a youth coper. 
This Last weekend has been a little tedious and stressful but I am grateful to God, I survived. I left Lagos for Abuja on thursday morning by road. It was a long long trip(12 hrs). The only reason I didn't go by air was I was thinking of how much I was going to still spend in moving in and setting up my apartment so I decided to save money by stressing myself. I will advice that unless you are thinking like me or you are saving money please go by air, there's a lot more advantage of comfort, time and safety. 
That settled, I got to Abuja by 6pm and settled in at my aunts place in Gwarinpa and I had an amazing night. I must say people in Abuja are enjoying NEPA light ooo, my phone battery was nothing less than 100% all through, pardon me NEPA is a luxury I'm not used to. 
On Friday afternoon, I left Abuja for Jos, it's a 4hr trip. The journey was just there, nothing out of the ordinary happened.
Saturday I met up with my friends and one of which is my flatmate . We planned on how to pay for the apartment, our vision and how to make things work.  
Sunday I went to church, it was an amazing experience, the service was bomb, I had a lot to learn and  note down. After service my friends and I met up and paid for the apartment.
Yesterday, monday, I went home ware shopping. I didn't know it costs a lot to set up an apartment . Since I'm only here for a year, I'm not going all out for luxury , I'm only getting the basics. 
Today I'm painting my room, I have an idea of the colour I want my room to be I hope I find it in paint.
I'll fill you in on how I fix up my flat with my flat mate and take you through my Jos lifestyle. I hope you come on this journey with me. 
Fill me in, what have you been up to?


  1. Wow! Jos? ?? May God be with you throughout the one year service. I am sure you will enjoy your stay

    1. Amen ooo!! I really hope I enjoy Jos.
      Thank you Bolatito

  2. Hey Damie, you are a corper right now too? Awesome!
    I am currently serving even though we'd be done son by God's grace

    Great to know that you are serving with positivity and having fun.
    I'm an advocate of the fact that people can enjoy their service year and impact lives positively while at it.
    I have a category on my blog where I interviewed other corpers at camp who hadplansto do great things and I also share works of the seminars I organize at schools to inspire others to make the year worthwhile.

    Might light a fire in your heart as you read
    Check it out via the link below :-)

  3. Will definitely check out the li Frances I need full motivation


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