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Hello dear, how are you doing?
I have had these pictures for a very long time you really can't guess how long. I absolutely love this dress, like I said in this post where I rocked it first, I took it from my mum ( it wasn't flattering on her body). Trust me when I say that's the joy of wearing the same size as your mum.
The weather here in Jos is amazing today, I am not fully settled in yet and I might finally fall in love with Jos. My apartment is still being designed, I really do not want to spend too much designing it and making it perfect 'cos I'm only in Jos for a year  less than a year.
I'm filming the whole moving process, a video will be on my YouTube Channel 
I'll like to know what your thoughts are, should I go all out and make it feel like a home bearing in mind its not a long term plan?


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