Failed promises, moving out, suicide killings | LIFE UPDATE

Happy new Month,   This week, I decided to respond to some of the amazing messages and love I get via my YouTube channel by making a video. Incase you didn't know, I have a YouTube channel and now I'm more dedicated to it. I find it fun creating videos and editing and its a hobby I'm wi…

DEAR DIARY| I'm living in fear

As much as we all try to pretend that Nigeria is the best country and make ourselves happy, some places are very insecure and not safe.
I came to Jos not knowing what to expect but really it not beans(easy). Life is cool, the weather is cool,cold and chilled. I don't remember the last time I s…

NEW FINDS| UU hair extensions

Happy weekend to you peeps,

RECIPE| Egg coated yam and pepper sauce

Dobby is one of my favorite food bloggers. Her blog was the first food blog I ever came across. The unique thing is she's passionate about African dishes.  It's a known fact I love food and when I get an opportunity to explore to try out a new dish I never hesitate. Yam is ones of my favor…

OOTD| In my Sunday best

Hello there beautiful people, 
Sometimes I wonder how people neglect their blogs for weeks/months without sharing anything new/new post but now I have come to realize that 'real life' can be demanding and time goes by really fast.

My Hausa crush

I write this now with the fear that he might read this and if he does I'm totally busted😱. Now I'm rethinking, it's my diary and I fill it with all the juicy gists and this one is one of a kind. I can't but gist you and update you with my Jos life/quest for true love.

DEAR DIARY | it's all falling in place

Have you ever been hit with writers block at a critical  hour? No? Lucky you then. This week for my regular 'dear diary input' I was just stuck, I couldn't write 'cos I had massive writers block. It has never happened to me before, now I can explain if asked what writers block is/ …

RECIPE | Jollof rice

Looks delicious right?  Hello dear, how are you doing?  As you know I love my foods especially my Nigerian cuisines, I believe I mentioned that in my20 facts about me post. What's for lunch is a new segment of Damie's Diary. Originally, I was going to share my favourite food blogs but then …

OOTD| textures