My Hausa crush

I write this now with the fear that he might read this and if he does I'm totally busted😱. Now I'm rethinking, it's my diary and I fill it with all the juicy gists and this one is one of a kind. I can't but gist you and update you with my Jos life/quest for true love.

If you are new to my blog or you aren't familiar with my diary I will recommend you read the following posts "Can I fall in love", "Hausa men want me" and " hello jos" so you can flow and understand better where I am coming from.
This post was inspired by what happened on Friday afternoon after work. First off, when I resumed work, my fellow corpers based in the northern part of Nigeria had resumed and when I resumed I had to ask them for tips and tricks and how things were being done in the office. 
While this was going on, we made jokes and laughed at random things but my joke got a negative reaction. My female colleague and I made a joke about 'him'(my crush) and he got vexed , don't ask me why but I apologized with my fake British accent and it worked.
Fast forward to Friday afternoon, after we left work,we all didn't want to go back to our boring homes and he offered to host us at his apartment. Ps. He lives close to my apartment I.e the street in front of mine. So it wasn't so much of a bother for me, as I could take a stroll back home😀.
When you ask a girl about her perfect man here's what she'll say " he must be tall,dark,handsome, have pink lips, caring, have a sense of humor, be physically fit.....and the list goes on". What if I said he was all of these and more. Don't give me that look, it's the truth. He cooks very well, dresses really nice(clean and crisp) and finally he's annoyingly clean and organized.
When we got to his apartment, very thing was neatly placed in obvious straight lines, everywhere was perfectly clean and he was so confident in his skills to cook that he refused any form of help , quite impressive. 
*sighs and smiles* 
I had an amazing Friday afternoon with my colleagues and after which I took a stroll back to my flat smiling and reminiscing on the free food and amazing moments with my new friends.
I'm curious though, how do people handle working with their crushes at work? I know this is a phase that will pass and of it doesn't , oh well......... 



  1. I don't have any advice for you oh...sorry!
    All I wanted to say is that, I love your writing style. I love love it!

    You are so funny...I hope you find a way to deal with you work crush :)

    1. Thank you, I will have to deal with tge situation


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