I'm growing and its beautiful

Last week, I was going through my google photos trying to find the perfect throwback picture which I did find a lot pictures with a lot memories tied to them.
I started blogging in 2012, its not that long, just two and half years but within these years what I got to learn from the pictures is that I have grown as a blogger and it is great. I'm not just happy about where I am now but I'm proud of myself and I give myself a pat on the shoulder.
One huge mistake I made as a newbie blogger was comparing myself to bloggers who have been into blogging for a long time and determining my success with theirs. 
I have gone through the name change phase which quite a lot of bloggers have gone through, taken horrible pictures( not that my pictures are perfect), designed the ugliest blog, written the most random post and just played round with blogging to find what works.
I'm definitely not where I want to be, I'm still growing but so far so good, the babe has grown, she's growing.
In other news, living away from my parents , working for my own money, planning and budgeting is a whole new world that I'm fast getting used to, I make decisions carefully after a lot of thinking and careful planning, 
Now I define my own success and I don't determine my life by the standard others have put up. I'm in no competition with anyone, taking life one step at a time and living it.
I want to urge to to travel down memory lane and see how far you have come as an individual. I know it's not perfect you are not there yet just take a break,slow down and determine your own success.

Have an amazing week,
Lots of love


  1. Very true. I'm not where I want to be but I have to admit - I have come a long way. I remember my first blog design. The background was pink. I really hate pink, I don't understand why I did that.


    1. It's funny how most people started off with rather ugly or random templates.

  2. My dear, one thing is for sure, the lord is our strength :)..... meanwhile i have been trying to drop a comment, thank God it worked... keep up with the good work dear.


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