5 foolish things I did in boarding school

Over the weekend, my flatmate and I were reminiscing and chatting about boarding school and it brought back quite a lot of memories- good,bad and really funny ones.
Before we move on, let's establish the fact that I attended two boarding schools. I had my junior secondary school education in Abeokuta and senior secondary school in Ijebu, both in Ogun State.
1) I followed my friend on a date: I was in SS3 at that time, my friend had met a random guy(dunno how) and they planned to meet up at a restaurant in Ijebu-Ode. She confided in me and asked me to follow her,without thinking I followed.
The fact that I followed her or rather sneaked out of school wasn't the foolish thing I did but that I went on another person's date with my pocket money and the guy didn't even buy me pure water( not that I was his date anyway). I wasted my money, didn't eat or drink anything on a friend's date.
2) I faked sicknesses to avoid labour day:I hated labour day for everything-cutting grass, washing toilet,sweeping the whole school. I'm not about that life. 
Few days before labour day,I would sit under the sun so as to have high temperature then go to the clinic looking sick. I made  sure I was admitted then after labour day I got better.
I did this also after WAEC examination till I was sent home, immediately I got home I was better. It was obvious I was just home sick, my mum caught me ,she figured out I was pretending but I was at home anyway.
3) I stabbed afternoon lessons: Sometimes, I wished the clock could pause, at every minute of the day in boarding school  there's always an activity. My friends and I would hide in the hostel and avoid afternoon lessons just to sleep or chill  and chat. We got caught a few times and we were either punished or flogged but either ways we got our hours of sleep/rest.
Do not try this if you are in secondary school you might not finish top of your class like we did ( no we did not finish top) but we passed sha! few A's, B's and C's no D's and the likes.
4) I wrote love letters: technically, I didn't write them I just replied them. I came across one I wrote a while back  and I couldn't stop laughing at what looked like a poem with no rhythm.
5) I bought things I didn't need to prove myajebutter status: looking back now, I blame this on peer pressure. I mentioned in the problems of a fat girl post, there are quite a lot of things I don't eat. My parents' policy was write a list of what you need and they'll get it. Then, I would write things I've never seen or even eaten and once I got to school,I arranged my provisions neatly. For the whole term, everything remained  intact and untouched- not that I didn't want to eat but I couldn't( I guess it wasn't an ajebutter after all)
In my head  I was showing off the ajebutter in me, little did I know I was just suffering. I grew out of this eventually as I became wiser and grew older.

So I pose this to you what was the most ridiculous thing you did in secondary school or that one thing you look back at now and laugh, please share I'll love to know.........


  1. Every bought things to didn't need to probe themselves. So funny

    1. It was a general thing yeah! I laugh now looking back.

  2. Lmaoo i didn't go to boarding school but my friends and I stabbed very well. Either in the library or in the toilet lol.
    So on that date you were just looking abi? lmaoo


    1. I was watching TV and people entering and leaving the eatery.


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