Lately, it seems all I do is talk about Jos, that's the uniqueness of my diary- I document life as it happens.
Today, I'm sharing with you one song that has been on replay not just on my phone but also on Rhythm fm jos. I listen to the radio a lot and Rhythm fm Jos, introduced me to this song.
Jeremiah Gyang is no new name to the music industry but this song dedicated to his wife is new to the industry.
 Ladi's song is a song by Jeremiah Gyang to his wife. At first I didn't understand half of the song but I had my hausa friend interpret it and I feel in love with the song even more. In summary, he praised his wife, his children and went on saying how lucky and blessed he is to be her husband.
I'm here blushing over another woman's special song, imagine if it was my own song( big smile)
Click to listen to - ladi's song