Before I address the topic of today, I want to quickly say " happy new month". I'm so excited and super grateful for another month.
So I want to officially say I have reached my last bus-stop with my blog design and layout. If you have been reading my blog well enough, you will know I'm all for beautiful layout/theme. I have switched a couple of times, gotten compliments about how my blog looks but now I think its official. I'm satisfied with the look and I don't see myself changing it anytime soon.
If you need me to hook you up with a new theme or you need help getting a beautiful theme, feel free to use the contact page or send me a
Quick confession I'm not a huge fan of purple or pink but I just love the "classy" look of purple over white.I'll like to know, what do you think? 
Moving on, I feel like I have being saying alot of thank you, reflections in my posts lately. I just want so say feedback for me is the highlight of blogging.Reading your genuine comments, mails and seeing your view means the everything to me.
So for september , I have a tiny little surprise for you. You have to stick around everyday to find out( winks)

Have an amazing September,


  1. Keep it hun i love ur theme looks pretty. Simple but classy i love that.
    Gonna check out ur videos now on youtube.
    Kisses mwah.
    Thank you for sharing this with us hun.
    Follow my blog if you'd like to join my monthly give-away.
    Check out my new post whenever you can:

  2. Happy new month to you too... the theme is really classy, funniest thing is the colours are my favourite (black and purple) keep it up!

    1. Thanks dear, didn't know you like purple and black.
      Thanks for visiting, have a great month.


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