The holidays are over and now back to work/school full time. I hope you are the best of your 4-day weekend and had fun. 
I'm still thinking if this should be a new segment on Damie's Diary or I should stick to my weekly wordy diary article. I'll really love to know what you think.
 As you know I'm obsessed with pictures and I take quite a lot of them so today, I'm sharing with you  pictures from last week.
1) I went visiting friends & family on Friday and this shot was taken while I was goofing around.
2) This picture of my baby sister and I was taken in 2010 but I found it last week and it is just beautiful. Can you see our skin colour!
3) Isn't Dara the cutest? She's grown now BTW this  5yrs after.
4) The flower was beautiful so was the sky, the sun was perfect so was the timing. It would have been wrong not take a picture.
5) Let's not forget I'm a serving Corp member, NYSC cds. Quick selfie before I dash off.
6) Let's take a selfie before we head out. My flatmate/friend and I.
7) Another selfie before I head out to work. 

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Have an amazing week,
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