by - December 01, 2015

Happy new month......
I'm sure judging by the title you are expecting a lot of fun pictures and party scenes,oh well! none of that today. If you aren't following me on Instagram/snap chat you probably missed the memo that today 1st of December is my birthday.
I had planned a few months before now that I would be at home(Lagos) by the time its my birthday but the NYSC decided to keep here in Jos by changing clearance dates. I had the perfect birthday planned in my head friends/family that matter. NYSC won't stop my shine as I'll still do as planned and celebrate my birthday next week.

Sadly I woke up hungry.My friend and I have been lazy with cooking and we have been on noodles and garri routine for a few days.The funny thing though is that there's food but we just haven't been motivated.
  • I drank garri twice today then realized its my birthday I should be popping bottles. later today, I prepared fried rice for the 2nd time in my entire life and I nailed it.
  • I glammed up,did my makeup and finished with my fav. beyond beauty lip stain.
  • I filmed a video, it will below this post.It was difficult though 'cos my phones kept ringing but it was fun to film and edit in one day.
  • I had a one-man party. well it was just basically me dancing in my room doing shakiti bobo to fuji,RnB infact any song that came on air.
  • I got #500 meat for #200 just 'cos I told the seller its my birthday.As from today, everyday is my birthday.
  • My parents wrote paragraphs of birthday wishes and prayer on facebook and still called to bless me with part 2,3,4 infact its endless. They are just cool like that.
  • I got messages from quite a lot of friends, family, collegues,bloggers and readers( y'all rock!)

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  2. Don't forget to invite me for you're popping bottles oo. Lol. I'm glad you enjoyed your day :)


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