As humans, there are a few things we tend to keep secret from people-friends, family, colleagues no matter how close we are to them. The first line sounds creepy so let me explain a little, we all have pieces of our lives that often times we tend to keep to ourselves and not share with others. These things vary from people to people and we know that.
Did you know my blog is turning 3 in a few days?  You probably didn’t know this but now you do. Its funny and quite amazing how I have been blogging for three years. What am I going to do?, how do I intend to celebrate oh! Well, I have shared that on Damie’s Diary facebok page. If you haven’t joined the family yet, I totally suggest you do.
The paragraph before this one was inserted to distract you from the main topic, I tend to do this a lot and often times how I write is a reflection of how I speak. Right now I’m imagining we are having a conversation ( I think). This is another distraction, you probably didn’t notice.
Back to this secret, a few times on my blog I have shared how I started blogging but here’s one thing I haven’t shared, until a few months ago, very few people in my life knew I had a blog. Its weird right?, I agree with you. A blog reader once asked me why I stopped my dear diary posts, here’s the gist- if I meet you or I hang out with you, I probably had fun or didn’t, I want to share that on my blog but I can’t do that freely ‘cos you read my blog and its just weird.
Now that I’m back home, a few friends, people I know but don’t talk to have been very chatty and giving me smiles with the line “ so you have a blog, wow! I never knew” well yeah! That’s the point. I should have probably started anonymously or no! an idea just popped in my head, I’ll start an anonymous blog…….hmmmm
I hope you are having an amazing day…..I hosting a red carpet for an award show in a few hours and I have a lot to do, I’ll catch up with you soon.