Often times when I step with my mum to an event, the market or a random place, people often times find it hard to believe that she's my mum.I think the both of us are tired of explaining that we aren't sisters , we just flow with the conversation.

This candid shot came out so nice

Guess who is back at home with the family? Me!. I got home yesterday from Jos and I'm excited to be home.It was my first time in a luxurious bus and the first time I ever traveled at night.I'll fill you in on that later on.
My mum made my dress for me last night,I had no idea what she wanted to sew for me but I trusted it would be amazing. At about 7pm, she came to my room with a few fabrics and told be to choose one,long story short we have a gorgeous dress.
ps.I know I haven't been the best blogger lately.....abeg no vex. I'm working on new and exciting things.


  1. I love you and your mum's poses. This is very nice!

  2. Your mum is very added advantage is that she makes nice dresses:)
    The Beautiful Eagle

  3. I really like the print/colors of the gele. Looking good :)


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