Body shaming is self explanatory its shaming a persons body. It has been in the society for ages and its its about time this topic is addressed.
Over the Christmas break, I uploaded a picture on my personal facebook account and a random person from nowhere had something to say about how I look. I…


I have been wearing wigs for about 2 years now and I can officially say it is worth it.
Lately, a lot of ladies have joined in on this trend, if you are new, welcome. Personally, every year, I kinda make hair goals, last year all I did was wear wigs 'cos they are very convenient, still stuck o…


Its been a while we did this on the blog. If you are new to my blog and you do not know what the segment "on repeat" is all about  click here to find out more. I heard this song first on the radio and immediately fell in love with it. I really do not know how long the song has been out b…

How to stay motivated | the art of journaling

Some people started 2016 with a bang, fully charged up with all their resolutions written out and execution process written out as well while some of were chilling and enjoying the moment while it lasted. My blog is a test to the fact that I didn't kick things off early this year but with my r…


This post is long over due but here it is. I said in this post, that I attended the Lagos Blogger's Brunch put together by Desola who blogs here. It was a amazing experience and I look forward to another one. I should have written a post on the event already but sadly my memory card got corrupted so I lost all the pictures and videos I took ahead for my blog including the ones from the brunch. I really can't explain what that feels like but having extra backup for all my work is one lesson I have learnt the hard way.

Social media is vain

Am I the only one that spends so much on social media and then realizes I have wasted so much time? 

Saying 'YES' this year

Happy New year!.
welcome to 2016, I hope you had an amazing christmas/newyear break. Pardon me, I know its been a while on the blog-life has been happening. 
In my many years of living (coughs) I haven't been as excited for a new year like 2016. I have a conviction its going to be an amazing year (speaking with faith).