Body shaming is self explanatory its shaming a persons body. It has been in the society for ages and its its about time this topic is addressed.
Over the Christmas break, I uploaded a picture on my personal facebook account and a random person from nowhere had something to say about how I look. In his bid to advise me to loose weight or stay healthy(not that I'm not) , he insulted me or rather shamed my body and ended up advertising a slimming product to me on my facebook page.  How cheap, I thought. I of course told him I love my body, I'm happy with how I look and I did not need any slimming product of any sort.
People in their bid to help or give advise end up insulting or shaming the person here by making the person see the worst of themselves. Body shaming comes in the most minute way. In a society like ours where people don't bridle their tongue and say whatever they want whenever they want body shaming is experienced every day by people who do not have the bodies that are regarded as the standard of beauty.
Classical examples of body shaming are
"hahaha! judging by how fat you are, no one will marry you oooo!"
"I'm curious, what does it feel like being short?"
"You really shouldn't be eating that, you are fat enough"
"What does the world look like from down there?"
"You should eat more, you look like you are suffering"

Here's the thing, when people are being body shamed, the person shaming the another might not mean it in a bad way. I'm taking this from the angle of being plus-size, fat or thick people tend to talk about you loosing weight and staying fit.
You can't convince someone to loose weight, it has to be willingly. Have you ever noticed that no matter how hard you talk to person that don't make an effort to shake that fat off, well that's because they are in denial or they just don't need it. When they are ready they will loose weight so calm down.
If its an aspect of their body that can't be changed like height,facial structure or a form of disability, its in your best opinion to keep quite. Like they say "if you don't have anything good to say, just keep quite"
Stop the process of attacking people every time you see them about how they look, its unfair and it affects them psychologically.  



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  2. Lol I feel u on that but it's really stopped to bother me. Too many more important things in life to pay attention to but hollup my mum kind of body shames me 😂😂-stop eating chocolates now you don't need them!lol.

    1. Way back, I would get vexed but now I just don't bother anymore. I'm pretty sure your mum loves you and is just looking out for you.

  3. Sounds like what Whitney will sa, am proud you accepting your body.
    Good write up

  4. Sounds like what Whitney will sa, am proud you accepting your body.
    Good write up


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