To think that as a girl born and bred in Lagos, I will leave Lagos only to be jazzed and robbed in Jos,on the plateau. Wow!
On saturday 6th of feb. 2016 about 3pm I was jazzed and robbed. How? Where? When? I suppose are the questions in your head, I’ll answer them all one after the other. A friend of mine through which God has done amazing things in my life Pedro, invited me for an event where his band was performing. It was my first Saturday outing on the plateau. Oh was I so excited. I left home imagining how amazing my weekend would be, I planned to snapchat and also vlog while I was there. In no time I got old airport junction but didn’t know how to get to the venue, I knew it was close by and all   I wanted to do confirm was which keke to board or if I could walk.
The last thing I remember saying willingly was “where is crest hotel? can I walk down or take keke?” Jazz aka Juju is something that can’t really be explained. I was told to enter a car it was a turquoise blue Peugeot 307 and without thinking I did. I remember I entered the front seat and fastened my seat belt, the driver didn’t have his on, I wanted to tell him but I just couldn’t. There were a lot of things I wanted to say but for some reason my mouth just couldn’t speak. I just felt helpless.
These two guys said a lot of things back and forth over and over again, I really didn’t believe but I couldn’t do or say anything of my free will. I only did and said what was asked of me. When I regained consciousness or rather when I was fully aware of what I was doing I was on the road side without my belongings and a kobo. Then I realized what had happened to me.
While on my long walk to the venue I met a fellow corp member Tumise who is my flatmate’s friend and that’s how I could reach Komiyo(my flatmate) ,I called her and that’s how I got home.
What did I loose?
·       My satchel bag ( I love that bag)
·       My phone- a Samsung grand duos (new year gift from my mum)
·       My power bank and usb cord.
·       My canon camera( I saved my alawee to buy that camera)
·       16GB memory card.
·       ATM cards, I.D cards, Money infact my whole purse.
·       My T.W shades gifted to me
·       My new black heels ( they should have allowed me wear it small)
·       A note pad and a pen( I carry these around)
·       My bank savings- they emptied my bank account later that day via my ATM card.
What am I grateful for?
·       LIFE: The fact that I can write this and tell people the story is the first thing I’m grateful for. For a moment, I thought to myself what if something worse had happened to me. What if they killed me or what if they took me on a journey and dumped me somewhere outside jos? What if they raped me? What if they kidnapped me?
I stopped to think of what would become of my parents and family, my flat mate Komiyo, Pedro who invited me( God knows, he would have been locked up by now), friends and people who mattered would have all been running helter skelter looking for a fat, fair girl with chubby cheeks.
Lessons learnt
·       Jazz/ juju is real: I’m not going to go deep into this but its as simple as that. I didn’t believe it existed or even worked but now I do.
·       The heart of man is filled with wickedness: That sounds like a Bible verse but its true. How will you see a fellow human and all you want to do is render that person helpless? How do you sleep at night knowing that you just did something bad to someone?
·       There are amazing actors walking the streets of Jos: that’s very random but to think that the other guy who acted all surprised and innocent was a part of their plan and a con-artist. Wow! Nollywood needs to be scouting more. That’s on a lighter mood.

Jos is changing the perspective for this ajebutter girl about life and Jos is teaching me life the hard way, first the woman who left me stranded and now this. All I did was innocently asked for help and the rest is history.
Pedro has been sad and worried blaming himself for inviting me but here’s the truth, this could have happened to anyone and at any time.
I’m not the first corp member this is happening to this year and probably wouldn’t be the last. The bible says in all things give thanks and that is exactly what I’m doing. Thanking God for life.



  1. Chai! I'm so sorry. It's so unfortunate but you know as its said they will meet theirs in front. Might be death or if they're lucky something else. May all you lost be replaced in no time. Thank God for life as it could have been worse.

  2. Wow... Wow.. Thank God you're alive.. Wow.. All is well dear .. Now you're making me scared and paranoid

    1. Yeap Ope, thank God. Don't be scared, I'm waiting for you I'm Jos.

  3. I can't believe this. What the? His kwa. Na wa o.

    I'm glad to see the way you're looking at it. In all things, looking on the bright side will help you pull through. Because if you had been killed, no one would know what happened. Thank God.

    Still. They dinnuh have mercy o. Every single thing. People who steal ehn. Heartless!

    But what do you mean you didn't believe in jazz? Story! After spending two years in Cotonou (Benin republic) there's no water don't believe. Plus when I was younger, one man tried his luck. It did not work.

    Stay strong. I admire you for this post and perspective.

    Mira La Belle blog

  4. I can see you are handling this with the best solution to it.In all things give thanks sorry for your lost God knows best.First time cimmenting

    1. God knows best, that's one line that keeps coming back.

      Thanks Adaora for stopping by and dropping a comment. Do come again.

  5. Wow, Nawa o!
    Thank God they didn't rape or kidnap you!
    This must have been such a shocking experience, I concur with Cheechee Live, May all you lost be replaced in no time, Amen!
    This is why some parents wouldn't allow their children leave Lagos or their Village.
    One day, e go better sha, I pray this day comes soon.


  6. Wow I am here speechless. So glad you are safe. I am also glad to see that through all of this you found something to be grateful for.


  7. What?! I don't know what to say!! To come out of that as positive as you are is amazing. Thank God the lost things are materials and not your life or well-being. Thank God you're alive to share your story.

  8. Oh my God. I'm speechless. Thank God for your life dear.

  9. oh no.. such crazy experience .. im so sorry ,im glad you wasn't harmed.

  10. oh no.. such crazy experience .. im so sorry ,im glad you wasn't harmed.


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