January was an eventful month on social media especially twitter. Trending issues on social media of course were the fights between A-list artists, socialites, O.A.P’s to mention a few.
I filmed this into a video yesterday but I did not like the output so I have decided to share a few lessons I learnt via social media in the past month.
1.    Don’t start what you can’t finish: For every twitter fight or social media diss, there’s always one person to start it. It all begins with a tweet or a post, why start something and then not respond or rather not see it through under the pretense of maturity.
If you can’t stand the heat, don’t bother entering the kitchen.
2.    You can’t Judge a person’s reaction by your action: it sounds confusing but I’m going to explain.
If you spill water on a person’s black dress, the person might pour coffee on your white dress in their bid to revenge. This is exactly what happens on social media, and that why its social media. You do not know where a person is at, what he/she is going through physically, psychologically, mentally and more.
3.    Think before you post anything on social media: Its an already known fact but here’s a rule to live by -If you aren’t proud of your own content or you hope your mum never sees it- don’t post it…don’t do it.
4.    People judge you by your content/social media: This is in relation to point 3…people generally make assumptions about you from what they see on social media. Its just simple.
5.    Stop comparing yourself: Personally, this is one thing I’m struggling with. I did a video titled social media life vs real life (click to watch) about social media vs real life. Snapchat is the main culprit here, whenever I go on there I see my friends/ladies shopping, splurging, traveling and doing all these amazing things then a little voice in my head says “see your life outside…these are your mates ooo!”
I’m  working on it, focusing on my own life and trying to be the a better version of myself daily.


  1. The general insecurities of social media, relatable; plus it's somewhat of a conscious daily thing to fight.

  2. Finish what you start! Pheww. I've seen a few 'fights' on Twitter and Instagram especially from females. It kinda saddens me, especially when people use that medium to put others down. God help us :)

  3. It's funny how yesterday I was thinking about how social media is like this fantasy world where almost everyone is perfect.

    Most of the things on there is just people putting their best foot forward. Hence, it's an illusion because you only get to see the amazing side of their lives. Some of those moments are even recreated.

    I try to remember this when scrolling through my TL.

    Mira La Belle blog


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