Low cut for ladies  is not something you see everyday. A lady is often regarded as bold and daring when she decides to cut off all her hair or rather shave it. I had my big chop a while back and all I can say is life is a lot easier without all that hair. 
I have a video coming up on the reason why I cut my hair, the cutting hair process and lots more. Before that video, here are some reasons on why you should consider getting a buzz cut.

  1. There is never a bad hair day: with a haircut as low as mine, all you have to do is shower and step out the door. I do not even comb/brush my hair. 
  2. It takes less time to get ready : I do not have to brush,de-tangle, deep condition, curl my hair/weave or anything like that. In a split second I'm all done up and ready to leave.
  3. You can travel light: There's no need for extra hair products,curling wands,brushes, combs, straighteners, hair ties,hair bonnets and so on.sleep overs just got better.
  4. You have more time to do other things: with this haircut, there's no need to spend the whole day in the hair salon all you need is a hair cut that can last you a month or two .
  5. Its perfect for Nigerian/Lagos weather: Since moving back to Lagos from Jos, the one thing that I have constantly complained about is the weather. Low cut just makes life a lot easier for me. Its less sweaty and hot.
  6. Its cheaper to maintain: In jos , I'll cut my hair for #150 but here in Lagos its #400. I still I'm not complaining 'cos its once in two months. Overall, its a lot cheaper to have a low cut.
  7. Its a good conversation starter: When you walk into a room, you  get noticed more and when anyone gets your attention  the first question you hear is "why did you cut your hair?" take it from there girl and own the stage/

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  1. I adore this hair cut on you! I'm looking forward to watching to video.

    I big chopped almost 4 months ago. My hair isn't as short as yours, but not long either. I'm currently rocking protective styles.


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