Off shoulder blouses are my current favorites. I'm not one to jump on trends but this one is a no brainier. Have you seen my friend Bola's off shoulder dress? check it out here for some inspiration.
Lets take a moment to address this bold, floral print skirt.When I came back from Jos after NYSC, my mum got me a few clothing pieces and this one is my favourite. I have worn it so many times. 
 This was shot in the middle of the day and that pretty much explains the shadows in the picture. I have started a photography series without even knowing and I have more posts coming up and I'll explain some of the lessons I learnt from this shoot meanwhile check out a few life lessons posts, you might find something helpful.
Finally, I have started offering blog consultations and reviews. It had to come after all the blogs I have set up, revamped and given tips and tricks I just had to make it official. Check out my blogging series here and the blog consultation page too. 
In october, I have an amazing giveaway for  two lucky readers , you might want to stick around for that.