The IREDE Foundation’s dream is that every child living with limb loss either congenital or acquired will be able to live a life free from stigmatization and we can only achieve that with your help. According to UNICEF in many countries disability is a stigma, disabled children are hidden by their families and are not sent to school which is a violation of their rights to education.
Discrimination/ Stigmatization does not always arise as a result of the nature of the child’s disability, but rather as a result of lack of understanding and knowledge of its causes and implications, fear of difference, fear of contagion or contamination, or negative religious or cultural views of disability.
Too often, children with disabilities are defined and judged by what they lack rather than what they have. Their exclusion and invisibility serves to render them uniquely vulnerable, denying them respect for their dignity, their individuality, even their right to life itself. 
A Percentage of Building and infrastructures in Nigeria are not disabled friendly thereby making it difficult for disabled people to move around without aid.
Thanks to the support of well-meaning Nigerians we are off to a good start in achieving our dreams, we still have a long way to go and with the help of Nigerians we will be able to help children living with limb loss live a life free of stigmatization and limitations.

Saving a life goes beyond donating funds, you can also save a life by referring a child living with limb loss today to The IREDE Foundation.

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